Help us prevent suicide

If you suspect someone close to you is thinking about suicide, here are 3 key steps to support them and help prevent suicide:


1. Ask the question

If you think someone might be suicidal, ask them directly “are you thinking about suicide?”  Don’t be afraid to do this, it shows you care and will actually decrease their risk because it shows someone is willing to talk about it.  Make sure you ask directly and unambiguously. 

2. Listen and stay with them

If they say 'yes', they are suicidal, listen to them and allow them to express how they are feeling. Don’t leave them alone. Stay with them or get someone else reliable to stay with them.

3. Get help

Get them appropriate help. Call a crisis line like Lifeline 13 11 14 or 000 if life is in danger. If you have access to a GP or psychologist immediately, seek out their help. Even if the danger is not immediate they may need longer term support for the issues that led to them feeling this way.

Downloadable suicide prevention resources​


ECLIPSE  - A support group for suicide attempt survivors

ECLIPSE is a support group for adults who have survived a suicide attempt, regardless of whether the attempt was recent or in the past.

The group is a safe space where people can talk openly about their suicidal ideation and attempts with others with similar lived experiences.  The group offers emotional support and explores coping strategies to help participants stay safe in the future.

The group is a closed 8 week group and it is important for participants to commit to attend each week if possible.

ECLIPSE is a support group, not therapy so it is recommended that participants have additional resources and supports outside of the group such as counsellors or therapists.


Groups held in South Western Sydney are proudly supported by the South Western Sydney PHN.

ECLIPSE Suicide Attempt Support Group Li

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Lifeline Crisis Support Suicide Aftercare Program​

Our Suicide Aftercare Program offers short term crisis support to people who have attempted suicide, are experiencing a crisis in their lives and who need someone to talk to. The program is designed to support people in need of short-term telephone-based support from a telephone crisis supporter. The program is free and referrals can be made by a doctor or other clinician or through self-referral.

The program is available to those living in Bankstown, Fairfield, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Camden, Wollondilly & Wingecarribee local government areas.

Groups held in South Western Sydney are proudly supported by the South Western Sydney PHN.

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SANE Online Forums

Acceptance, connection, support. Share the journey. Safe, anonymous mental health discussion, moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals.


Our SANE forums can help you:

  • connect with a respectful, accepting community

  • read stories from people like you

  • post your questions, responses and story

  • find trusted information from SANE Australia

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Lifeline Macarthur and Western Sydney’s purpose is the bring together health, education, safety professionals, local government, and non-government organisations to help save lives throughout out Western Sydney. Through best practice strategies which are in line with the NSW Health Commission Proposed Suicide Prevention Framework for NSW. 


Western Sydney Suicide Prevention Network (WSSPN)


The Suicide Prevention Networks will be focussing on 5 strategies in line with the NSW Mental Health Commission Proposed Suicide Prevention Framework for NSW.


  • Gatekeeper training for persons who are likely to come into contact with at risk individuals, Provision of training in appropriate workplaces, in particular communities (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or CALD communities) and across services targeting particular populations, such as people who interact with those with a disability, or unemployed, or in financial crisis, people who have experienced childhood trauma, rape, violence, etc.

  • School based peer support and mental health literacy programs.

  • Community suicide prevention awareness programs. Responsible suicide reporting by the media.

  • Reducing access to lethal means of suicide.

Meetings will be 1.5 hours a month, held both face to face and online within Western Sydney and includes the following Local Government Areas:

  • Blacktown

  • Blue Mountains

  • Cumberland

  • Hawkesbury

  • Hills Shire, The

  • Parramatta

  • Penrith