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The Push-Up Challenge
1-24 June 2022

3,139 PUSH-UPS.



The Push-Up Challenge is a fun and unique way to engage your crew in mental health.

  • 3,139 push-ups in total, from 1-24 June, representing the number of Australians who died by suicide in 2020.

  • Promotes fitness (push-ups can be done anywhere and anytime, and exercise alternatives are welcome).

  • Fosters connection (virtually and in person).

  • Facilitates learning and conversations about mental health.

  • No cost and very easy to get involved.  All you do is spread the word.

Learn more

How to get involved

Everyone can take part.

  • Click on the link below and make sure you select to support your local Lifeline Centre - Lifeline Macarthur and Western Sydney

  • Join as an individual or get your crew, workmates, family or even the neighbours to form a team.

  • Download the app (you will be notified when it's available)

  • Push-up for better mental health and awareness.

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