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Suicide Support Aftercare Program​

Ongoing Crisis Support by phone or text for people experiencing thoughts of suicide.

Our Suicide Support Aftercare Program offers free crisis support to people who have attempted suicide, and/or are experiencing heightened thoughts of suicide, or have had a suicidal crisis in their lives and could benefit from having someone to talk to.


The support provided is individual, up to three-times a week, on an ongoing basis for as long as required.

Support is provided by an accredited Lifeline Crisis Supporter and delivered by phone or text. Open to people 18 years or over who live, work or study in South Western Sydney.

If you know someone you feel may benefit from the Aftercare Program you can also call 02 4645 7200 for further information.

Supported by the South Western Sydney PHN.

If you think you would benefit from the Suicide Support Aftercare Program please submit your details below:

Register online to join our Aftercare Program.

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