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Budding crisis supporters attend fast-track training

The last days of November saw the final crisis supporter training for the year, with 15 tertiary students undertaking the fast-track course, a two-week intensive.

Crisis Supporter Workplace Training is a nationally recognised training course that equips crisis supporters with the skills and knowledge to provide one-off support to people in crisis when they contact Lifeline as well as increasing their safety when thoughts of suicide are present, including providing pathways to further care and support as necessary.


The fast-track training option involves 10 topics delivered during university semester breaks and open to tertiary students studying in Counselling, Psychology, Social Work and Mental Health.


The February 2024 cohort will include training for onsite and remote crisis supporters, with remote support being trialled with people living in the Southern Highlands.


Volunteering for Lifeline is an opportunity to make a difference in communities all around Australia. Our dedicated volunteers are our backbone, working tirelessly to help connect people with care.


Working as a volunteer Crisis Supporter provides benefits such as:


  • Practical experience in the field of crisis support and referral work

  • Personal and professional growth and development

  • Career opportunities

  • Giving back to your community

  • Belonging to the Lifeline community

  • Ongoing support in your work with Lifeline learning new skills and/or enhancing existing skills

  • Meeting new people

  • New experiences


Crisis supporters say:


  • “It’s enhanced my personal growth and I have developed skills which I apply to my own life.”

  • “It’s improved my confidence, self-esteem and my self-awareness.”

  • “I feel good by making a contribution to the community.”

  • “I get a lot of satisfaction from helping someone in crisis.”

  • “I have developed some great new friendships.”

  • “I now have a greater awareness and respect for other’s experiences.”

  • “It’s broadened my outlook and my concepts about life have changed.”


See this page for more information.

If you are interested and live in the Southern Highlands, please contact:

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