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Expo elevates mental health awareness

Our Crisis Supporters Clive and Ridmee attended the 23 March mental health forum and expo hosted the Rotary Club of Camden.

Sponsored by the Camden Council and held at the Camden Civic Centre, the expo aimed to elevate mental health awareness, dismantle the stigma around mental illness, and enhance the community’s capacity to care for themselves and each other.

The day was filled with expert speakers and an exposition featuring a range of mental health support providers, catering to diverse needs and fostering a community of care and support.

It was an opportunity for individuals and families to come together, learn, and find the support they need to navigate mental health challenges.

Clive said, “The Rotary club organised it well and the speakers were excellent. The event was also a great opportunity to collaborate and share with other mental health bodies in the area.”

This was the first mental health event arranged by the Rotary team and we look forward to next year’s forum.

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