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Loved ones remembered, pain acknowledged

Lifeline Macarthur and Western Sydney's bereavement walk at Greenway Park for World Suicide Prevention Day was an opportunity for community members to remember those lost to suicide and acknowledge the pain for those left behind.

Attendees said a few words in remembrance of their loved ones, posted notes on a remembrance wall, and walked together around the park.

They gathered united in their commitment to bring hope and help to people in a dark place and recognised the role we all have to play in supporting people in crisis and preventing suicide.

Through collective and collaborative effort, more people will be kept safe and well.

Thanks to our Suicide Prevention team for organising the event and Liverpool City Council Australia for assistance with the venue.

Nathan Hagarty MP joined the walk, along with our CEO Veronica Macdonald, and members of the Lifeline Board, volunteers and staff.

Families remembering loved ones included the family of Jai Simons, each with a special T-shirt noting a particular connection to their "guardian angel".

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