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Bringing Suicide Out of the Shadows

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Lifeline’s Out of the Shadows walks enable those whose lives have been touched by suicide to connect with others and feel comfortable to have a conversation about it.

“Survivors often live with mixed and confusing feelings after they’ve lost someone to suicide. Every conversation, support group, or community event like Out of the Shadows is an important opportunity for Macarthur to support other locals on stigmatised topics like suicide and mental health.” said Brad Hannagan, Lifeline Macarthur’s Chief Executive Officer.

Lifeline aims to bring suicide out of the shadows, acknowledge those touched by suicide and highlighting the importance of human connection for people in their darkest hours.

In 2017, the last reporting period, there were 3,128 Australian lives lost to suicide. Each year around 80,000 Australians attempt suicide. It’s important for people thinking about ending their own life to understand that they are not alone and help is available.

Lifeline Macarthur holds several Out of the Shadows Walks as part of World Suicide Prevention Day in September each year. For more information on local Out of the Shadows Walks near you, visit

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