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Wests and Lifeline partner to address rising cost of living pressures in Macarthur

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Wests Group Macarthur has provided $20,000 to Lifeline Macarthur and Western Sydney to help deliver much needed services within the Macarthur region in the coming months.

The funding, available as part of the ClubGRANTS program, aims to support residents in coping with extraordinary stresses faced by students, families and individuals in the Macarthur LGA.

Lifeline Macarthur and Western Sydney’s crisis supporters have been answering up to 10,000 calls a month, higher even than during the worst months of the pandemic — an increase attributed to the rising cost of living, with calls from people who had never experienced financial stress before.

Lifeline reports that the organisation’s 24/7 Crisis Support Telephone Line and Financial Counselling services have been in high demand in the past six months. Its services offer professional and confidential support and guidance for those experiencing difficulties, including stress, anxiety and financial abuse, and for those with a general sense of difficulty coping.

Together, Wests and Lifeline hope that by making further services available, the risk of suicide incidence and ideation is reduced, and the overall health and wellbeing of the community is improved.

Lifeline Macarthur and Western Sydney CEO Veronica Macdonald said, “It is obvious how financial problems are linked to mental health problems, so much so that people in our communities are looking for help from our crisis supporters and making appointments to see our financial counsellors. It is good news that they aren’t suffering in silence and that, thanks to support from partners like Wests, we are available 24/7 to provide support.”

Wests Group Macarthur CEO, Daniel Perkiss said, “We believe very sincerely in supporting those that support Macarthur. Lifeline provides immeasurable value in offering crisis support services, and empowering individuals to care for their own mental health and wellbeing. We’re incredibly proud to continue our support of them.

Pictured above: Lifeline Macarthur and Western Sydney CEO Veronica Macdonald, Finance Manager Nicole Cannon, Wests Group Macarthur Marketing & Community Engagement Coordinator Tracey Yuen, and Lifeline Financial Counsellor Emylee Tuzon.

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