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Suitable donations

Every donation counts and we appreciate your generosity, which is why it's important to know that there are some donations we can accept and others we can't. Government regulations and saleability often dictate what is suitable and there are certain items we are unfortunately unable to accept.

Donations we cannot accept:​

  • Selected baby items:

    • Baby/Toddler/Child Car seats

    • High chairs

    • Bassinets and cots

    • Walkers

    • Prams & Strollers without the presence of the Australian standards logo “AS/NZS 2172:2013” logo sticker attached along with the fitted tether strap and red brake.

  • Selected electrical goods:

    • Computers, monitors, printers, scanners and any other hardware (unless brand new and packaged)

    • Any cook tops or ovens (unless brand new and packaged)

    • Heaters (unless brand new and packaged)

    • White goods that are damaged or not working

    • Dryers or microwaves

    • CRT style or plasma TVs (but we do accept LCD or LED TVs in working conditions with remotes)

  • Soft furnishings:

    • Blinds any window coverings with cords without mandatory tensioning devices

    • Carpet or carpet underlay

  • Selected furniture:

    • Furniture that is broken, stained or torn

    • Bean bags with foam beads or without child resistant fasteners

    • Water beds, bunk beds, loft beds, wire base bed frames or bedheads that are not free standing

    • Mattresses and/or bases that are stained or torn

    • CRT style TV cabinets

  • Selected outdoor items:

    • Barbeques (unless brand new and packaged)

    • Gas bottles

    • Motorbike, bicycle and horse riding helmets (unless brand new and packaged)

    • Trampolines (unless brand new and packaged)

    • Washing lines (unless brand new and packaged)

  • Selected toys:

    • Inflatable toys and novelties containing beads

    • Small motorbikes and battery powered ride on toys (unless brand new and packaged)

    • Swing sets (unless brand new and packaged)

  • Miscellaneous:

    • Building materials – sinks, baths, toilets, basins, doors, plaster or timber etc. (unless brand new and packaged)

    • Car parts – batteries, doors, body panels, mechanical parts etc.

    • Fire extinguishers, soda streams any other pressurised bottles/canisters

    • Knives (excluding table cutlery)

    • Weapons – including replicas and martial arts weapons

    • Pianos or organs

    • Petrol lawn mowers

    • Coffee machines

    • No food jars (Vegemite, honey or coffee etc)

What happens to my donation?

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