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Lifeline Shops in need of shoes and handbags

Jess and Beth from the training team popped down to the Lifeline warehouse to highlight some items our Lifeline Shops desperately need.

Donations are always welcome but our stores would really appreciate receiving clothing, handbags, shoes, manchester and blankets.

Items donated and every dollar spent in one of our shops helps us to save lives.

To keep our costs down, follow the golden rule: if you would gift it to a friend or family member, then it’s in good enough condition to donate to a Lifeline store.

Our stores will also accept unwanted household items that are in good condition such as appliances, glassware, crockery, accessories, ornaments, jewellery, books, CDs and DVDs, records and furniture.

If you are unsure if your donation is suitable, please contact one of our stores.

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