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Meet Katrina!

Katrina Woods, Manager Lifeline Shop Camden

When did you start with Lifeline?

I started as a volunteer on 4 January 1984 with manager Joan Tope in Larkin Place Camden. Lifeline Macarthur had a store in a double garage – no register in those days, we had a tin and a book to write everything down.

What was your first job role?

Before coming to Lifeline Macarthur I worked in the general store/post office/petrol station at Douglas Park. I also cleaned the local school plus I worked at a very well-known restaurant in Camden South called the White House Farm.

I had three jobs at once going from one to another. At the school l was a shift worker so I could work the shop in the day and the restaurant at night.

My first paid job at Lifeline Macarthur was on the counter at Queen Street Narellan. The people who owned the White House Farm were our neighbours in Douglas Park and I was pumping petrol for Paul Belcourt, one of the owners. He asked if I would like to work at a restaurant. I said no, not particularly (joking). Well, I worked there for many years, working both at the restaurant and looking after wedding receptions. We had our engagement and wedding in 1980 at this venue.

What kind of music do you like?

Easy listening, country and western.

What are your hobbies?

In my youth: horse riding, roller skating and gardening. Now: fishing.

Favourite colour?


Favourite food?


What is something you find challenging about your job?

Trying to get everything done. It’s like housework, never-ending.

What motivates you at work?

I love what I do, making money for Lifeline Macarthur and Western Sydney, the volunteers, customers and reinventing items that can be reused, recycled or repurposed.

Have you ever met anyone famous?

I was born in South Australia (Port Augusta) in 1959 and I was a very premature baby. My mother Joy told me because I was such a premature baby Port Augusta ended up getting a grant for a generator. When they had power outages they had to take me to a nearby property that had a generator. They were making the movie The Sundowners that year and I was visited by Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum.

What is the best compliment you have received?

That I have a caring heart.

Favourite cartoon character?

Mickey Mouse.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Relaxing with family and friends.

Favourite celebrity?

Adam Brand.

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